Pinch Valve

Description :

Pinch Valves can be the ideal solution for contaminated or viscous media. They have a lack of dead space that makes them suitable for applications in the food industry. Actuators are available as on/off versions or it is possible to have a control valve with analog or digital positioner. There is a special version available which is the endless tube Pinch Valve, in this valve the tube and valve are separated from one another for hygienic applications, so the valve is also suitable for very specific applications. Pinch Type Stop Valves have an on/off function and are ideal in applications where media is unsuitable to transport through a seat valve such as the food industry.

C.I. Pinch valve having Neoprene Reinforced sleeves are extra heavy with full covering flanges and four pulling Lugs For positive Operation.

Vipul Pinch valve are having outside piller design.

Vipul Pinch valve are having special locknut device on wheel for standard tightning in close position.

MOC IS - 210 - Grade - FG 200
( Cast Iron )
Contact Parts
Sleeve Neoprene Reinforced Sleeve
with full covered flanges for
preventive of corrosion on body.
Working Parts
Spindle S.S 410
Sleeve Neoprene Reinforced Sleeve.
Class & Table ANSI B 16.5 class - 150
BS - 10 Table D,E, & F
Working Pressure TESTED AT
10 kg./cm²
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