Sight Glass

Sight Glass :

Vipul Sight Glass.Put a window in your processing systems with the Vipul Flow Indicator. Vipul Sight Glass Flow Indicators may be installed in any position to observe fluid flow in any direction. The sight flow indicator is usually employed to detect either the presence or absence of solutions, or to observe fluids for turbulence, color or clarity. Vipul Sight Glass Flow Indicators are ideal for high purity applications.

Sight Glass is used to observe the inline flow of liquids in non - transparent pipe lines.

It can be installed in vaetical as well as horizontal position.

The SIGHT GLASS is constructed in such a way that it gives a complete inside view from every angle.

Flange AISI Grade
S.S. 304 / S.S. 316 &
M.S. / P.P.
Stude M.S. / M.S. (P.P. COATED)
Contact Parts
Glass pipe section Borosilicate
T.Bush 100% P.T.F.E.
Class & Table ANSI B 16.5 class - 150
BS - 10 Table D,E, & F
Special Features One piece steel frame.
Contact Parts Insert to almost all chemicals Full view.
Leak proof fitting.
Easy Replacement of glass pipe section.
Available in 25 DN ( 1 ' ' ) to 150 DN ( 8 ' ' ) .

Feature :

Unique Teflon / O-Ring Seal Design Minimizes Bacteria Traps

Built-in Mechanical Stop – No Over Tightening of Glass Insert

Full Material Traceability

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